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Migrate Exchange Server Mailboxes to Office 365 
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Liittynyt: 22.11.2019 10:53
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Viesti Migrate Exchange Server Mailboxes to Office 365
In these days, organizations choose to migrate their data from Exchange to office 365. It has numerous advantages which are quite significant when compared to on-premises migration. Office 365 is more scalable and cost effective Therefore no need of maintaining anything. No need to worry about the Software updates as it will be taken care automatically.
Now let’s understand how we can perform Exchange to Office 365 Migration:

Exchange to Office 365 migration can be achieved using many native solutions but it needs a lot of planning, effort and technical awareness. Even then it’s not guaranteed that you will have smooth migration from Exchange to Office 365. Users may face many issues like data loss, longer downtime and admin needs to have depth knowledge of mailbox migration.

If you want to perform smooth migration and want to avoid all the issues then you can go for third party tool called EdbMails Exchange Migration which performs Exchange to Office 365 migration seamlessly with no data loss.

Importance of EdbMails Exchange Migration

It’s incremental Migration ensures zero duplication on the target server
Supports auto mapping, sets impersonation rights automatically and also creates the new mailbox in the target server.
No downtime, Users can flawlessly maintain the workflow as it has no limitations on accessing the server or respective user mailboxes.
Public folder, Shared mailbox and archive mailboxes can be migrated effortlessly with calendar, contacts, mails, tasks etc.,
Selective items can be migrated instead of migrating as a whole. Users can migrate specific items from the mailboxes and migrate to destination server according to their requirements.
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22.11.2019 11:17

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Viesti Re: Migrate Exchange Server Mailboxes to Office 365
Migrate Exchange Server mailboxes from EDB file to Office 365 using EDB to PST Converterfrom V Software. This Software converts all emails, contacts, calendar, tasks, notes, from edb file to pst file, msg, mbox file & edb file.


07.02.2020 13:41
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